About Pacific Ridge

The demand for healthy food is rising, but food production needs sustainable sources of land, water and energy.

Our Mission

To connect buyers and sellers and inspire authentic trade relationships through a simpler more reliable approach to business.

Our Calling

To work with farmers that are dedicated to regenerative sustainable farm practices, provide workable fair transaction policies with customers and provide sustainable proteins to people that love to eat good food.

Our Goals

Provide field to shelf fully integrated, local, sustainable, verified food and food ingredients for a local to global market.

The Problem & Our Solution

The Problem

Conventional farming practices have a heavy toll on the planet. Chemical inputs, greenhouse gas emissions, soil erosion and water pollution ultimately threatens human health.

Symptoms of the growing demand for sustainable protein:

  • Animal grown protein cannot sustainably meet the growing global demands.

  • Fossil based fertility inputs and programs will be unsustainable due to trade and government regulations.

  • Conventional farming methods are one of the leading causes of climate change.

  • Canadian government will require farmers to reduce fossil based fertilizer usage by 30%.

  • A disconnected supply chain model has kept farm revenues flat and disproportionate in the supply chain.

The Solution

Pacific Ridge was created to achieve an eco-friendly, more integrated approach to farming, food supply and protein. Our approach includes regenerative practices, improved nutritional outcomes, with transaction verification and security. To meet the global demands for alternative plant protein, while reducing its environmental impact on the planet.

Pacific Ridge has an integrated field to customer approach that offers:

  • Grain processing plant and commercial trade.

  • Regenerative farmed plant-based protein.

  • Regenerative farmers of Canada Co-Op.

  • Diverse product portfolio (Forest and Agricultural Products).

  • Biological inputs, research and product development .

Our Leadership Team

Ken Grenier


Ken Grenier has a 25-year successful track record in international sales, relationship management and business development.

As an entrepreneur Ken has been involved in several business startups and in the previous 10 years, he successfully co-founded a commercial trading operation from start up to $150+M in annual sales.

Ken brings a broad range of experience in sales, marketing and business relationship management in the key growth markets of SE Asia, China and LATAM to Pac Ridge.

Jeff Gross


Actively farming for over 25 years. Previously started C-Green Aggregators and became the first person in Canada to trade an Ag emission credit. Grew this business to having over 6M acres under contract from over 3,500 farmers paying out over $28mm to farmers in a two-year period.

C-Green Aggregators became Canada’s largest agriculture emissions trading firm. Founding shareholder in Terra Grain Fuels North America's largest wheat-based ethanol plant.

Founder of Beryl Ag a Saskatchewan based biological retail company. Beryl Ag has sold innovative biological and fertilizers farmers on over 125,000 acres.

Dawn Grenier


Dawn Grenier’s career has been over the past 28 years and continues to be in the administrative field. Dawn has held various positions in the “for profit” sectors as well as “not for profit" agencies where she has held the positions of Executive & Personal Assistant, Administrative Manager and Human Resources Management.

Dawn has volunteered with a children’s charities board of directors where she held the position of Secretary to the Board. Dawn has a love for animals and has volunteered her time with animal shelters in and around the Calgary and surrounding areas.

Elyse Scholtens


As the controller, Elyse Scholtens is responsible for the financial reporting, budgeting and accounting operations of the company.

She has over 15 years of experience in international trading, having worked previously in Europe and Asia. Elyse holds a master’s degree in business economics from the University of Amsterdam, with specialty in Finance and Management Accounting.

Elyse is attentive, motivated and disciplined who is daily inspired by her husband and their five children. In her free time, she enjoys curling, gardening and Fly fishing.

Travis Albrecht


4th Generation farmer in SE AB. Have been involved in agriculture my whole life. We crop 5,000 acres and have a 150 head commercial cow herd.

I have a background in Power Engineering before I came back to the Ag industry. I am always looking for new technology to make our farm more profitable and grow better food for the people around the world. We use many different management practices on our farm to achieve this.

All the crops grown on our farm are free of chemical seed treatments, pesticides and fungicides.