Our Biologicals

Biologicals will play a key role in the Pacific Ridge business scope.

Fully Integrated Solution

Pacific Ridge is a fully integrated company touching all aspects of the food supply chain. Working with farmers, processing our own products, and creating high value products for our customers

Our vision of producing a consistent supply of regeneratively grown grains and pulses starts in the field through bio-green initiatives that are sustainable, promote soil health, and reduce the need for fossil fuel.

Pacific Ridge is collaboratively working with the University of Regina to develop commercial ready microbial farm inputs from the various biocontrol strains available through its ADF funded research.

Biological farming works hand and hand naturally balancing soil to produce healthy, pest and disease-resistant crops while reducing the needs for chemical use. This product is a low carbon substitute for synthetic fertilizers and we believe a significant factor in developing regenerative dry land farms in Canada. Regenerative farmed crops will be healthier, cheaper to grow, and command a premium on the market.

Regenerative Farming

Promoting regenerative farms initiatives will help result in

  • Healthier soils

  • Cleaner water

  • Lower synthetic fertilizer usage

  • Elimination of harmful pesticides, seed treatments and fungicides

  • Cleaner food

  • Carbon reductions

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