Environmental, Social, Governance

ESG related issues have come to be one of the biggest points of concern for both, private and government lenders.


When it comes to a company’s short and long-term ESG concerns, Pac Ridge and its related green investment initiatives can play a key role in mitigating your event and erosion risks.

We have ongoing ESG green investment initiatives and are looking for partners.


Green Investment & ESG Pillars

Environmental Risk Mitigation

Agricultural farm erosion projects that address:

  • Carbon & Toxic Emissions

  • Water Stress

  • Soil Health & Sustainability

Key Social Issues

ESG event and erosion risks are combined in here:

  • Labor Management

  • Health And Safety

  • Privacy And Data Security

Key Governance Issues

Our key governance issues purely fall under event risk:

  • Business Ethics

  • Corruption And Instability

  • Anticompetitive Practices

Our Key Projects

  • Boreal forest preservation initiative.

  • First Nations forest fire reforestation initiative.

  • Regenerative farming biologicals, plant disease mitigation and farm inputs initiative.

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