Forest Products

At Pacific Ridge we pride ourselves in trading the highest-quality forest products for your manufacturing convenience.

High-Quality Materials

When you choose to work with Pacific Ridge, you are choosing a Canadian-based company with over 50 years of international trading experience. We are here to provide a seamless experience so that you can obtain high-quality forest products.

Our team works tirelessly to ensure our customers can rely and depend on us to provide the best quality pulp. The forest products we trade comply with the highest quality standards, endurance and competitive pricing.

No matter what type of forest products you are interested in, our sales team is here to help you. Speak to one of our qualified team members about our forest products today.

Our Products

Fluff Pulp

Fluff pulp is highly absorbent and soft, making it the perfect material to use in feminine hygiene products and diapers.

Off Grade Pulp

Reach out to one of our representatives to get more information about the different off grade pulps we trade.

NBSK (Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft) Pulp

NBSK is great for manufacturing various paper products, including printing and writing paper, as well as tissue products.

SBSK (Southern Bleached Softwood Kraft) Pulp

SBSK (Southern Bleached Softwood Kraft) pulp is used in paper manufacturing as a fiber reinforcement.

KLB Kraft Liner Board

Kraft Liner Board (KLB) is used to manufacture any kind of packaging products.

UBK (Unbleached Kraft) Pulp

UBK (Unbleached Kraft) pulp is used in any application that requires high tensile unbleached fiber and fiber cement products.

Dissolving & Specialty Pulps

We trade different types of dissolving and specialty pulps that support textile manufacturing. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our team for more information.

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