Regenerative Farmers Co-Op

Regenerative farming practices that produce regeneratively grown products.

Serving 120,000 Acres

120,000 acres and counting of farmers committed to regeneratively farmed practices. Performance based profit share plan.

The regenerative farmers of Canada Co-Op is made up of grain and pulse dry land farmers based in the Canadian Prairies. Our Co-Op serves nearly 120,000 acres of Barley, Durum, Lentils, Chick Peas, Green and Yellow Peas.

Our focus is to provide members with product sales and marketing support, contractual agreements and performance dividends.

We provide green investment and ESG opportunities for industry, government and not for profit partners inside the agricultural and biotech industries.

regenerative farmers co-op

Regenerative Farm Producers of Canada

Co-Op members can take advantage of the following characteristics:

  • Regenerative farm plans.

  • Supply contracts that are fair and ethical.

  • Market and product branding story assistance.

  • Agriculture grant funding assistance.

  • ESG and green business investment opportunities and partner network.

  • Carbon sales network.

Getting products to market

In today’s competitive agricultural industry farmers are selectively choosing to work with innovative partners in getting their products to market.

Pacific Ridge’s story began with the vision to build out consistent markets that pay premiums for regeneratively farmed products.

Our product support, farm planning, marketing, and branding will help you tell your regenerative farm story that will connect you to the markets that you need to be in.

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