The Future of Regenerative Farming

PACRIDGE brings next generation farmers, companies, and consumers together with a tech-powered, sustainable, and fully vertical supply chain to ensure a stable and positive future for regenerative farming.

We are committed to the land, to the food, to the past and to the future. Everyday, we’re living our commitment by growing better
tasting, more nutrition, planet-friendly crops.

It starts with soil health.

Regenerative Plant Roots

Partnering with Farmers Across
375,000+ Acres of Dryland Farming

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Regenerative Agriculture

Accelerating & Validating
Regenerative Farming

Restoring, renewing, and replenishing the land through regenerative agricultural is not a new idea. Regenerative farming practices have always been implemented to improve soil health, crop yields, water resilience, and nutrient density.

At PACRIDGE we continue the journey of soil health building on the practices of the past and innovating for the future.

For the first time farmers, retailers, and consumers have true transparency, true quality, and true validation.

Now you can experience the journey from soil replenishment, to seed quality, to the shelf, and to your table!

Farmer Planting Regenerative Crops


Meet Our Farmers

Seed-to-shelf regenerative farming starts by empowering our farmers. There is no us without them.

All of our technology, innovation and work is in service of our farmers and their stewardship of the land. Meet our farmers….

Farmer - Jeff Gross

Jeff Gross

Beryl AG/C-Green Aggregators

Farmer - Travis Albrecht

Travis Albrecht

Regenerative Farmer

Mobile App

TrueCrops Mobile App

The ground-breaking True Crops™ app is the world’s first platform to empower farmers with radical transparency and hyper connectivity to facilitate a fair and sustainable marketplace.

With a state-of-the-art technology, True Crops™ is revolutionizing the farming community, and the way product moves from seed to shelf.

TrueCrops Mobile App

Live Market Pricing

Track prices across regenerative and conventional commodities

Improve Your Crops

Stay informed on crop performance and estimated value

Instant Contracts and Deliveries

Establish contracts and deliveries in-app for your harvested crops

Crop Coins

Loyalty program to earn more cash back for regenerative certification

TrueCrops Mobile App

Powered by the idea of radical transparency and hyper-connectivity, the True Crops™ app takes farming into the future while looking to time-honored traditions of regenerative farming to protect soil health, water purity and product quality.

With every innovation and technology advancement, we strive to empower regenerative farmers and retailers in their quest to create sustainable and profitable businesses through transparency, validation, quality and access.

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