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At PACRIDGE, it’s our mission to increase access to better quality, more nutritious, sustainable plant-based products. We believe it starts with regenerative farming to set the highest standard for food production of the future. Impacting the entire supply chain, from seed to shelf.

That’s why PACRIDGE is farmer owned. Our seed to shelf process is leading next generation farmers, retailers and consumers in transformative environmental and corporate sustainability efforts.

Connecting farmers, retailers and consumers fuels our integrated process that’s on a continuous journey to build a sustainable and healthy seed-to-shelf future.

This mission is at the heart of the PACRIDGE process, which is continuously innovating from creating and improving regenerative protocols to food production and packaging technologies. Our innovations empower all.

Through increased access, transparency and technology PACRIDGE regenerative products not only provide a better solution for consumers and retailers. Our process also protects sustainable farming practices for the next generation.

Our Process & Supply Chain

Across a fully integrated field to customer, grain processing, protein fraction plant & commercial trade organization accessing global sales

Integrated System

Biological Farm Inputs

Biological Farm Inputs

Grains and Pulses

Grains & Pulses

Grain Cleaning Plant

Dry Fraction Protein & Grain Cleaning Plant

Plant Based Ingredients

Plant Based Ingredients

Plant Based Beverages

Plant Based Beverages

Our Technology

TrueCrops Mobile App

TrueCrops™ App

Sonic Milling Plant Technology

Sonic Milling™

Ecolean Beverage Packaging


Our Partners

Our University partnerships are leading research to help overcome the Aphanomyces crisis by 2025.

University Of Saskatchewan

We are committed to responsibly caring for the environment while finding solutions to meet the demands of a hungry and growing world.


University Of Regina

Water, environment, and clean energy. Our focus is identifying the most serious threats to environments in semi-arid regions in Saskatchewan and elsewhere.


Our partnership with Soil Regen allows for third party soil testing that is scientifically validated.

AG Soil Regen

Regenerative Verified™ and Regeneratively Grown™, is a new scientifically rigorous process to validate labeling of agriculture products grown and produced using regenerative farming practices.


Our People

Ken Grenier

Ken Grenier

Co-Founder & CEO

Endale Tafesse

Endale Tafesse

Ph.D. Plant Science
University of Saskatchewan
PacRidge Lead Scientist

Travis Albrecht

Travis Albrecht

Owner & Farmer

In The News

Pacific Ridge Tackles Plant-based Pet Food Processing

Pacific Ridge Tackles Plant-based Pet Food Processing

BENTONVILLE, ARK. — With consumer demand for more sustainable products increasing, regenerative farming food company Pacific Ridge Corp (PACRIDGE) shared its method for creating plant-based milk and other ingredients. PACRIDGE’s technology processes regenerative oats...

PacRidge at Food & Beverage Insider

PacRidge at Food & Beverage Insider

Pacific Ridge Corporation was recently featured in an article by Food & Beverage Insider.   “Consumers are increasingly looking for products that are grown, processed and packaged in the most sustainable ways possible,” PacRidge CEO, Ken Grenier, said....

4 Notable Innovations in Private Label

4 Notable Innovations in Private Label

Pacific Ridge Corporation was recently featured in an article on upcoming trends at this year’s Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) trade show Regenerative agriculture and resilience were hallmarks of the PLMA show, with participants like Ken Grenier, CEO...

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