Sonic Milling Plant Based Technology

Sonic Milling™ shockwaves technology is the future of processing plant-based foods

How It Works

By harnessing the power of water and energy, Sonic Milling™ creates shockwaves of sonic energy that break apart whole grains, nuts, or seeds creating plant-based ingredients and beverages.
Sonic Milling Cavitation
Sonic Milling Plant
Sonic Milling Plant Technology

The Science

Water and inputs are circulated through the Sonic Milling™ tanks, and pumped through our Sonic Milling™ system, creating air bubbles, which create shockwaves of sonic energy.

The Outcome

Highly digestible products, with greater nutrient bio-availability, minimizing any unwanted odors or flavors, all without denaturing the product in any form. All nutrients remain intact while reducing the digestive inhibitors.

Plant Based Starches, Fibers and Pulses

Sonic Milling™ helps place the cleanest labels on the shelf

Oat Milk Cereals
Plant Based Beverages
Oat Milk with Coffee

Plant-Based Beverages

Driven by consumer demand, Sonic Milling™ is piloting the technology with the first to market True Crops™ Oat Milk and Oat Creamers.

Our beverages are the highest quality, using the entire oat, maintaining the best flavor qualities, higher amounts of protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients.

Plant-Based Ingredients

Our Sonic Milling™ technology expands beyond beverage to many categories through clean ingredients. Our ingredients are ideal for categories such as bakery, pharmaceuticals, pet, and many more!

With Sonic Milling™ plant proteins, high fraction starch, and fiber ingredients, categories can elevate their products with cleaner, healthier inputs.

True Crops™ Oat Milk, is just the start on a path to saving energy and placing the cleanest labels on the shelf. We are continuously innovating bringing new products and flavors to retailer shelves.

Pea Ingredients

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