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Regenerative farms that produce healthy food in a kinder sustainable way for the environment and for people.

For Farmers

Find help in navigating the fast paced agricultural industry towards regenerative and sustainable practices that work for you. Visit our Farmer's Co-Op to learn more.

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For Buyers

Get connected to the regenerative farmers of Canada Co-Op for sustainably grown grains and support local farmers choosing to change the way they grow food.

Our Regenerative Products

Who We Are

Pacific Ridge is a Canadian company based in Saskatchewan Canada. Our vision is to create a fully integrated regenerative food supply chain; A seed to plate transaction under one roof.

Our Divisions

Farmers Co-op Division Image Pacific Ridge

Farmers Co-Op

Broad acre dry land farmers of Canada that are focused on making sustainable changes to the way they farm.

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local & International

Trading Corp

Canadian owned and operated with a local presence that gives you access to international and domestic markets.

Biologicals Division Image Pacific Ridge
sustainable ag


Biological products that will move the regenerative farming needle for Canadian broad acre farmers.

Forest Products Division Image Pacific Ridge
Customer Direct

Forest Products

Over 30 years of trade & product experience. Customer direct sales assistance and market representation.

Our Future & Full Scope

Dry Fractionating Plant

A dry fractionating protein plant to create a value added product for internal and 3rd party market demand.

Plant-Based Food Products

A plant-based protein Food Co that makes products that taste good and are healthy for you.

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ESG & Eco Trade

Our products and our partners can help you with great green investments and ESG risk mitigation. Our Eco trade products are environmentally and socially sustainable that supports regenerative farming innovation. Click on the link below for more information.

Our ESG & Eco Trade