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At PACRIDGE our mission is to create a fully sustainable future of vertically integrated, seed-to-shelf regenerative farming by empowering farmers and retailers with transparency and technology.

With the recent addition of our True Crops™️ app, dry fractioning and Sonic Milling™️, we’re committed to a sustainable and healthy seed-to-shelf future.

About PAC Ridge

Fully Vertical Integrated Supply Chain

PACRIDGE brings next generation farmers, companies, and consumers together with a tech-powered, sustainable and fully vertical supply chain to ensure a stable and positive future for regenerative farming.

Fully Integrated Food Supply Chain

How It Works

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Breakthrough technology to process plant-based ingredients, introducing Sonic Milling ™

Plant Based Ingredients, Pea Protein

Plant-Based Ingredients

Supply quality plant-based ingredients to our facilities

Sonic Milling

Our patented process processes ingredients using the power of water and energy

Plant Proteins and Beverage Products

Delivering nutrient rich, digestible, plant proteins, high-fraction starch, fibers and beverage concentrates

The Innovative Steward

To say we’re eco-aware is an understatement. We’re intentional, caring, and sustainability zealots always challenging the idea of good enough

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