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The True Crops™ app empowers farmers with radical transparency and hyper connectivity to facilitate a fair and sustainable marketplace.

With state-of-the-art technology, True Crops™ is revolutionizing the farming community, and the way product moves from seed to shelf.


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Breakthrough technology to process plant-based products.

Plant Based Beverages

Our first to market beverage, True Crops™ Oat Milk, is just the start on a path to saving energy and placing the cleanest labels on the shelf.

Sonic Milling™ is the only energy efficient technology, with zero waste, that uses clean water and air to produce the highest quality, most sustainable plant-based ingredients and beverages. All while maintaining the best flavor qualities, higher amounts of protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients.

Soil Layers

Biological Farm Inputs

Protecting Global Food Security with Breakthrough Aphanamyces Research

Biological Farm Input

At PacRidge we treat soil like a living organism, and just like us, it thrives best when it is well taken care of. There are a variety of biological, chemical, and physical properties that contribute to soil’s overall health. We believe that the best approach to protecting the health of our soil is through the practice of regenerative agriculture. At the heart of this practice is the use of biologicals (living organisms).

Learn more about how PacRidge and our partners at University of Regina and the University of Saskatchewan are leading breakthrough research to overcome the threat of Aphanomyces and protecting sustainable farming practices for the next generation.

Grain Cleaning Plant

Inspired by design and operational efficiencies to set the standard for food production for the future.

Net Zero Carbon ReductionsThe
future of food production
is net zero.

Leading the vision for the future with the first net zero food processing plant. The PacRidge grain cleaning facility was meticulously designed utilizing the newest technologies producing cleaner products and operations supported by geothermal and solar.

Even the road leading up to the building was paved with reclaimed asphalt and reclaimed concrete.

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