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PACRIDGE develops unique farming, Sonic Milling and seed cleaning technologies for better regenerative agriculture, accountability and products

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TrueCrops Mobile App

The ground-breaking True Crops™ app is the world’s first platform to empower farmers with radical transparency and hyper connectivity to facilitate a fair and sustainable marketplace.

With a state-of-the-art technology, True Crops™ is revolutionizing the farming community, and the way product moves from seed to shelf.

TrueCrops Mobile App

Live Market Pricing

Track prices across regenerative and conventional commodities

Improve Your Crops

Stay informed on crop performance and estimated value

Instant Contracts and Deliveries

Establish contracts and deliveries in-app for your harvested crops

Crop Coins

Loyalty program to earn more cash back for regenerative certification

TrueCrops Mobile App

Powered by the idea of radical transparency and hyper-connectivity, the True Crops™ app takes farming into the future while looking to time-honored traditions of regenerative farming to protect soil health, water purity and product quality.

With every innovation and technology advancement, we strive to empower regenerative farmers and retailers in their quest to create sustainable and profitable businesses through transparency, validation, quality and access.

SONIC Milling

Globally Patented Sonic Milling Technology for Nutrient Rich Beverages

By harnessing the power of water and energy, we create microscopic air bubbles that break apart plant-matter; enabling us to create base or beverage from the whole grain, nut or seed.

Water and inputs are circulated through our patented cavitation tanks, and pumped through a venturi system, from a high pressure to low pressure environment.

Creating unstable air bubbles, which in turn collapse to create shockwaves of sonic energy, particulating / breaking down particles, while creating controlled heat.

Better Nutrition

  • Higher protein, fiber & essential nutrients
  • Zero waste, water creation
  • Seed to bottle traceability
  • Available gluten free, organic, or conventional

Our patented cavitation process separates products & produce

highly digestible odorless protein, which yields the highest price per metric ton (mt)

Our Products

Plant proteins, high fraction starches and fibers and nutrient rich beverage concentrates

Sales Portfolio

Plant-based beverages, plant-based meats, bakery, cereals & snacks, pharmaceuticals, health food, pet food/care, paper, packaging, bioplastics, & more!


Fully Integrated Farm to Market Seed Cleaning Plant

Grain Cleaning

  • 1 – 100 lb. vertical form filled finished packaging line
  • 12 month projected $36M CAD Sales Rev
  • Bulk export and domestic source loading
  • 6000+ store domestic and off-shore retail sales footprint
  • CGC bonded operation local supply team
  • In house logistics, trade and sales desk with $1 B in previous
    business experience.

Dry Fraction Protein Plant

  • 8 mt/hr Production Rate
    (High fraction starch 5.2 mt/hr; Protein 2.4 mt/hr; Fiber 0.4 mt/hr)
  • Dry fraction clean label products
  • Plant based protein, high fraction starch and fiber
  • Diverse product sales portfolio:
    Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage; Industrial and Commercial Packaging; Pet Food/Care

At full capacity our facility will create:

  • 24,000 mt of protein concentrate per year
  • 50,000 mt of high fractionated starch (HFS) per year
  • 6000 mt of fiber


Biological Farm Inputs

Biological inputs (IP) improving soil & plant health for superior nutrient value through seed treatments and bio stimulants.

  • Proprietary treatment for aphanomyces
  • Healthier soil
  • Cleaner water
  • Lower synthetic fertilizer usage
  • Elimination of harmful pesticides/fungicides
  • Cleaner food
  • Carbon reductions

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