Pacific Ridge Corporation is ​Farmer Owned

We are a growing community of regenerative farmers and food scientists with over 375,000 acres of dryland farms.

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Pacific Ridge Farmer Owned - Jeff Gross
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Part of growing into the future together is profitability. PACRIDGE is unlocking financial incentives and opportunities to get more regenerative products to retail shelves. ​

Crop Coins™ is one of many ways PACRIDGE supports our farming community. Through annual cash back rewards when True Crops™ farmers increase environmental practices in alignment with the PacRidge regenerative protocols.

All True Crops™ farmers have access to Crop Coins™, with regenerative farming practices opening the door for optimized returns.

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Get to know our farm leaders!

Travis Albrecht

Travis Albrecht

Owner & Regenerative Farmer

Travis is a 4th generation farmer in SE Alberta. Travis has always been drawn to innovation in agriculture. Travis was the first farmer to use certain biological soil amendments to help improve his soil and carbon capture abilities of his soil. Travis also was the first farmer to import an optical spray system to manage his glyphosate usage on his farm.

Travis has totally stopped using chemical seed treatments, pesticides, and fungicides. He tries to balance his plants to the soil and growing environment to maintain crop health. Travis uses staged fertility programs on his crop to drive efficiency out of all of his fertilizers that he uses. By staging the fertilizer he has reduced his synthetic fertilizer usage by 30-40 percent. This means healthier soil with a smaller carbon footprint.

When the crops come off the land Travis grazes cows on the stover until there’s snow cover to try and stimulate more microbial activity. The crops Travis grows are better for the environment and a safer product for the consumers.

Our Partners

Cas-Grain Farms

Cas-Grain Farms embraces the art of traditional know how with the science of modern regenerative practices. The farm was an early adopter of responsible land management practices including crop rotation, reduced tillage, biomass and nutrient management to continually improve soil health.

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