Creating a healthier diet for plants starts with soil health

At PACRIDGE we treat soil like a living organism, and just like us, it thrives best when it is well taken care of.

Regenerative farming is the science and the soul of our soil

Healthy Regenerative Crop Roots and Soil

The Art & Science of
Regenerative Soil

For PACRIDGE & our True Crops™ farming community regenerative farming is a journey. A journey that takes a unique path on each farm.

It varies with climates, geographical elements, crop requirements, and many more agricultural & environmental scenarios.

Even with all the different paths a farmer might take on their unique regenerative farming journey there are a few core principles we find most regenerative farmers would agree on.

Continuously improving soil health

Improved crop nutrient & protein densities

Reducing carbon emissions​

Fighting against soil erosion with no tilling practices

Enabling practices for water preservation​

Efficient use to minimize and reduce synthetic fertilizer applications

How We Champion It

Improving soil health can take time and is a balance of art and science for each farmer. It is a hybrid practice bridging the old and new on a road to healthier soil, better plant diets, and more abundant crops yields.

The results. Safer, healthier foods and the preservation of sustainable farming practices for the next generation.

At PACRIDGE we don’t stop at the farm. Our completely vertical, sustainable supply chain unlocks access to more regenerative products from seed to shelf.

From soil, to seed, to shelf. The PACRIDGE process enables regenerative food supply directly from the farm, to mass retail, and to your table. Our supply chain connects consumers, retailers and farmers. We are growing into the future – together!

Soil Layers

The PACRIDGE Difference

Regenerative Soil

Stewardship of the land & treating soil as a living organism

Bio Stimulant Research

Breakthrough bio stimulant research

True Crops™ Technology

Unlocking True Crops™ marketplace profitability for farmers, consumers, retailer & wholesalers

Regenerative Products

Increasing regenerative product access on retail shelves

Media & Education

Providing an inclusive platform for education and connectivity

Sprout Plant Illustration

Regenerative farming offers the best practices for better quality, safer, and healthier products! 

It’s a dynamic system & PACRIDGE is committed to continuous improvement, and real-time measurement.

Currently, there is not an industry, or government body regulating protocols for regenerative agriculture. For PACRIDGE we strive to hold metrics above national benchmarks. Some examples are:

  • Soil testing for all True Crops™ regenerative farmers are testing for soil carbon numbers and full macronutrient and micronutrient profiles.
  • ​MRL testing with results well below industry standards for glyphosate limits fungicides and pesticides.​
  • Crop input limits with an additional reduction in synthetic fertilizers over the mandated government amounts.

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